Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Accessory Set

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Prismacolor Premier® Colored Pencil Accessory Set has everything you need to draw, blend, erase and sharpen. Perfect for artists and students because it can help you create crisply defined artwork loaded with texture and unique color. It has a colorless blender pencil, a dual-tip colorless blender marker, an ebony graphite pencil, a pencil lengthener, a kneaded rubber eraser, a Design 2000 plastic eraser, and a mini metal pencil sharpener.

  • Dual-tip colorless blender chisel marker (PM 121), has a thick end for creating soft color blends and a fine point to help you clean up details. Great for erasing off tracing paper and much, much more
  • Colorless blender pencil, smooths color and value transitions and blends pencil strokes together
  • Ebony graphite pencil, for drawing dark, razor-sharp lines
  • Pencil Lengthener, increases pencil life by giving short pencils a more comfortable grip
  • Kneaded eraser, can be molded to any shape
  • Design 2000 Eraser, a latex-free plastic eraser helps you clean up every type of mistake
  • Mini metal pencil sharpener, for sharpening your pencils