About Us


is a Filipino-owned corporation engaged primarily in the marketing and distribution of quality school and office supplies from all over the world. It is a professionally managed company that believes in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with all its key stakeholders—its employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers.


An affiliate of Star Paper Corporation (SPC), it first started as a division of SPC, previously known as “Stationery Department”. This bold decision was developed due to the increasing diversity of the market demand and its growing clientele nationwide.

Last December 1, 2011, the department finally became a legal entity operating under the name Star 360 Philippines, Inc.


STAR 360 is the country’s leading distributor of the best brands of school and office supplies committed to innovation, dynamism and excellent service.


STAR 360 operates in a compound with more than 45,000 square meter area, maintaining several structures that include warehouses and converting facilities. The company maintains a well-balanced set of converting, communications, data-processing and transport facilities. The said facilities are carefully monitored to ensure efficiency and smooth flow of transactions, and minimize disruptions and delays.